15 Photo-worthy baby gender reveal ideas

The popularity of sharing every moment with your social media following has given rise to having a picture perfect gender reveal announcement. Whether you opt for a big party, a small gathering or a photoshoot that you share later, it’s vital to make the reveal as fun and photo or video worthy as possible. Here are 10 ideas to let everyone know if you’re having a boy or a girl.

  1. Colour Smoke Bombs



Smoke bombs add a whimsical element to your photos. They are great to use in a forest or outdoor photoshoot. Alternatively, unleash the smoke in front of your guests to get some fun couple and family pictures. Always be careful when using smoke bombs as they can cause burns if not used correctly and must be used outdoors.

2. Go Geeky: Lightsabers



Star Wars fans, embrace the force and reveal the gender of your baby using lightsabers. Go with red lightsabers for a mini Darth Vader or blue for a mini Rey.

3. Pinata



Breaking open a pinata is fun at any age. Fill the pinata with treats and confetti in your chosen colour and break it open to reveal if you’re having a boy or a girl. It’s a great way to get your family and friends involved.

4. Paint Guns



Fill squirt guns with paint and hand them out to your guests. Wear white and have your guests shoot the paint at you to reveal the gender. Alternatively do a private photoshoot where you launch your own paint gun battle.

5. Balloon Release



A popular way to reveal your baby’s gender is by balloon release. Fill a box with coloured helium balloons that match your baby’s gender, do a countdown and open the box so the balloons are released into the air.

6. Confetti cannons/poppers



Confetti cannons scream fun and celebration. Feel like you are at a festival by handing out confetti cannons in your colour of choice and have everyone pop them at the same time for an epic confetti shower reveal.

7. Coloured powder



Having become increasingly popular in recent years, being used at anything from fun runs to music festivals, coloured powder or Holi powder originates from the Hindu Holi Festival or Festival of Colour that celebrates Spring. The coloured power is thrown into the air or at others creating a vibrant cloud of colour. Using the cornstarch-based powder is a great way to add colour to your reveal and makes for extremely fun photos.

8. Secret surprise centred cake



Reveal your baby’s gender with a sweet surprise. Fill the center of a cake with sweets and treats in your chosen colour and cut a giant slice to reveal a tumbling cacophony of edible treats for your guests to enjoy.

9. Paint balloon dart board



Test your guest’s aim by making a paint balloon dart board. Fill one balloon with your chosen gender reveal colour and the rest with a neutral colour paint such as white. Using darts, try to find and pop the coloured balloon to reveal your baby’s gender.

  1. Silly String

Give each guest a can of silly string with the colour concealed. Do a countdown and have everybody covered in the reveal colour.

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