Celebrating Singleness

As the month of love, February can seem overrun with loved-up couples and pressure to find a partner if you are single. As we leave the month of love behind, we’d like to celebrate the joy of singleness and how equally important it is. Even if you’re in a couple, it’s important to celebrate who you are outside of your relationship. Go on, throw yourself a party just because you’re awesome! Need some convincing as to why you should be celebrating? Here you go:

1. Life is meaningful, fullstop.
Your relationship status is not the be all and end all your life. Being single does not mean you are failing at life or that your life is meaningless. Celebrating singleness is about finding meaning and purpose outside of a romantic relationship, it’s on your own terms. Life does not start when you find a romantic partner, it’s happening right now.

2. Decisions, decisions
Want to go on a spontaneous adventure? Work late? Go out without pre-planning? Not having to check in or arrange things around multiple schedules is far simpler and means you can do what you want when you want to.

3. Self-Empowerment
Having to do things for yourself is empowering and allows you to learn new skills. Become a more holistically skilled person by trying new things or doing a course in something you’re not particularly good at.

4. Solitude
Quiet and solitude are rare commodities in the modern world yet are vital to emotional and mental health. Having time alone to process your thoughts, meditate or just enjoy a quiet walk allows you to destress and relax.

5. Being Complete
Having a healthy self-esteem and self-worth are best built when you don’t require others validation to feel good about yourself. Celebrating yourself is learning to love yourself completely. Knowing and accepting yourself allow you to know what you want and pursue it regardless of you relationship status.

6. You don’t need to be rescued
Singleness is not a bottomless pit you need to be rescue from. Having a romantic partner does not guarantee happiness. You are strong, brave and capable enough to take the journey of life on your own.

7. Meaningful Relationships
A romantic relationship is not the only one to strive for. Building healthy relationships with friends and family is equally important. Finding a mentor or being a mentor to someone else lets you share life in a meaningful way.

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