Date Night

1. Date Morning
Skip the late night and have an early morning date. Make a flask of coffee, pack some treats like rusks, muffins or croissants and watch the sunrise together while wrapped in a blanket. You can drive to a romantic spot or find a spot on your balcony or roof with a great view.

2. Watch live music
Find your local live music venue and go support a South African musician you may not have heard before. Weekend markets are also a great place to find good music and food.

3. Nowhere Roadtrip
Fill up your petrol tank and just start driving. Stop at roadside shops, small towns and lookout points you would usually pass. Enjoy a day exploring without the pressure of arriving at a specific destination. Stop for food, drinks and stretch stops whenever you need to and buy a trinket to remember your adventure.

4. Spa Day
Book a couple’s spa day or stay over and enjoy being pampered together. Alternatively, set up a spa day at home by lighting some candles and playing relaxing to set the mood for a massage pamper session.

5. Go to the theatre
Get dressed up and go see a live performance at your local theatre. Make a night of it by going to dinner or drinks before the show.

6. Picnic
A picnic is a classic date choice. Whether it’s at a local park, botanical gardens, in your garden or on the lounge floor. Picnics are a simple way to have a romantic meal together. Pack a blanket, pillows, books and all your favourite treats for an intimate and relaxed date.

7. Binge watch day
For many couples, watching a particular film or TV series together is a regular occurance. Turn it into a date by making a day of it with popcorn, drinks, a snuggly blanket and an entire season of your favourite show or movie series. Add some fun with a themed drinking game.

8. Cook a meal
Pick your favourite meal and dessert and enjoy an evening cooking together. Spend time checking in on how each other are doing, sharing about your day or week and having some quality time while helping to make a delicious meal.

9. Go camping
Get outdoors and into each other’s space while camping. “Roughing it” and being away from technology for a weekend is ideal for quality time.
Old-school Fun – Ice skating, ten pin bowling, roller skating, arcade,laser tag
Feel like kids again by going ice skating, roller skating, tenpin bowling, laser tagging or to magic company for arcade games. It’s guaranteed to be a fun date with lots of laughs and reminiscing about childhood.

10. Outdoor adventure – trail walk, hike
Go to your local nature reserve, park or botanical gardens and enjoy a walk in nature. Take water bottles, snacks and hats with to stay hydrated and pick a trail that suits your fitness level. Walking gives you lots of time to talk while getting some exercise.

11. Book a photoshoot
Document your relationship with a professional photoshoot. Having a professional photoshoot every year means you’ll always have beautiful photos to look back on. Photoshoots let you show off your personalities and forces you to get close for those romantic shots.

12. Fun Run
Challenge yourselves and do a short fun run. There’s a host of creative fun runs to choose from and it’s a great way to encourage each other and have fun while exercising. Put in some extra time together by training beforehand, making costumes or getting involved with a cause to support.

13. Redecorate
Repaint, hang new curtains, get some new accessories or do some gardening together. This is a great way for couples who have recently moved in together to bond and make a space their own.

14. Gaming
Whether it’s online, PC or console, spend an hour or two gaming together. If only one of you is a gaming fan it’s a chance to share your hobby with your partner and get in touch with your competitive side. Play two player games as teammates or opponents and come up with prizes and forfeits for whoever wins and loses.

15. Shopping
Spend time styling each other by picking out, trying on and buying outfits for each other. Then organise another date where you can where what you’ve bought.

16. Volunteer
Contact a local animal shelter, old-age home or community outreach and offer to help. Spend time together playing with some dogs, helping the elderly or feeding the less fortunate.

17. Rock climbing
Feed your sense of adventure with some rock climbing. It’s great exercise, can be stress relieving and allows you to be adventurous all at once.

18. Canoeing, kayaking or paddle boating
Get out on the water for the day and put your teamwork and communication to the test with a canoeing, kayaking or paddle boating trip.

19. Games Night
Have a night competing and strategising with some two-person board games. Options include Jenga, Uno, Scrabble, Battleship, Connect 4, Risk, Monopoly and Twister.

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