Toast: Engagement Gifting 101

Most of us go through a stage in life where it seems like every couple is getting engaged. For newbies to this experience, whether to give an engagement gift or not can be a difficult one to navigate as there are no set rules. Here are a few tips to help.

Check The Invite

Check the engagement party invite to see if gifts are mentioned. As there are no rules to engagement gifting, the couple may have specified whether or not gifts are expected. If there’s a registry, special gift request or banking details go with that.

It may be appropriate for close family members to give a family heirloom to be worn on the wedding day, which makes for an extra special, sentimental gift.

If you really want to give a gift, following some motherly advice to never arrive empty handed may serve you well but make sure it’s small and simple so other guests don’t feel bad for not bringing a gift.

Gift an Experience

A host gift over an engagement gift is the safest way to walk the line. Gift the couple with some wine, a treat you know they love or an experience they can do together such as a couple’s massage voucher, dinner voucher or dance classes.

Homeware and decor gifts such as wine glasses, dinner sets, chocolates, photo frames or artworks you know they will like are great for host gifts.

Go With Your Gut

Being a wedding guest can become expensive as you need to still buy bachelors/bachelorette and wedding gifts and possibly pay for accommodation to the wedding itself. The best way to navigate the situation is to ask the couple what they would like or need and get that. Engagement presents are generally not expected but small, sentimental gifts are definitely a way to go if you are unsure. In the end, go with what you feel is best.

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