Top 5 Mother’s Day gifts

If the public holidays have taken their toll on your calendar, this is your reminder that it is Mother’s Day this Sunday, 12 May.

Let’s be honest, moms are incredible. They are the epitome of strength who brought you into the world (and will threaten you take you out of it when you misbehave). Whether you are celebrating with your mom, a motherly figure or the mother of your children, it is important to show them just how much you appreciate everything they have done, are doing and will do for you.

To make sure you celebrate your mom the right way, here are five gift ideas to suit any budget.

  1. A Break

For the mom that is “sick and tired”.

Give mom the break she deserves with a spa day voucher. Even better, try to get hold of her diary and book it for her so she has to go.

Whether you opt for a decadent spa retreat or a simple break so she can get her nails done without being interrupted, a little pampering goes a long way.

  1. A Drink

Even moms need to let their hair down once the kids are asleep or have finally moved out of the house. Get your mom a good bottle of her preferred alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverage.

As a bonus, don’t judge her when she finishes it in one night, you might be the reason she needs to.

  1. Peace and Quiet

If you are married to a mom or are a responsible older sibling, gift mom with some peace and quiet by taking the kids out of the house for an hour or two (or an entire day if you can). Sure she’ll miss her babies but it will give her some much needed time to herself.

  1. A Clean House

If your mom is the sole house cleaner who hears, “Mom where is my [insert supposedly lost object here]?” on a regular basis than this is for her.

Let her put her feet up for a change while you clean the house. Do some washing, mop the floors and wash the dishes. Even if it’s not up to her standards, she’ll appreciate the gesture.

  1. Classic and Sentimental

Print out a family photo and frame it or have it canvas printed so she can hang it on the wall to see everyday.

If you’re stuck for time, the classics of a bunch of her favourite flowers and a box of chocolate are always a winner.

For first-time moms, how about starting a new tradition by buying a sturdy hardcover book that the kids can write messages in every year. This is a sweet keepsake that will also show how the children grow every year.

The key to giving your mom a gift on Mother’s Day is all about making it authentic. For sentimental moms, a hand-made card is a gift they will cherish for years to come. A thoughtful gift, a phone call from far away and spending quality time together will never go unappreciated.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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