While it is easy to get caught up in all the planning of any event, at the end of the day all you really want is for your guests to have a well rounded awe experience.

Buy into those crowd pleasing MOMENTS that makes for an amazing event. MOMENTS, is an opportunity to offer an experiential MOMENT to guests. Spoil, entice and surprise them with your gift, tasters, entertainment and inspiration.

A MOMENT is a specific appointed hour during the day, where you as an exhibitor get the opportunity to surprise guests with a product or service. Be it hanging from the roof pouring sparking wine from your Swarovski slippers or giggling Geishas serving sushi from a Samurai’s sword… let your imagination run wild.

Moments will occur round the hour every festival day. 

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Facts about a MOMENT

It needs to be awe inspiring.

To partake in a moment is free, however you will sign away your life if you mess it up!

You pitch the moment and the top applicants will be chosen.

You will present the moment at your own cost to the benefit and branding of your company.

If the moment entails dishing out food or any samples – you have to cater for at least 500 people for that hour.