A fashion, beauty and design bonanza!  A haven of the latest couture, hair beauty and make-up. Experience the latest from matric farewells to brides and christenings.

The Runway is a space for fashion, beauty and design. Each hour will host a different designer, offering them the chance to really show off the latest trends in couture, hair, beauty and make-up.  

Every great event needs a show stopping ensemble and The Runway is every fashionista’s heaven. From the latest in matric farewell dresses and evening wear to bridal wear and men’s fashion, this will be the place to make sure you stand out on your special day. 

Gentlemen do not feel excluded, even the boys will show us what’s up in the hood. 

The Runway will host various designers, stylists, and artists every hour on the hour to showcase your unique design style.  

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